FAFS at the Water-Energy-Food Nexus Conference | Order of Engineers

​Dean Mohtar delivered the keynote address and chaired a session of the Water-Energy-Food Nexus Conference organized by the Ibrahim AbdEl Al Foundation at the Order of Engineers in Beirut on October 4. In his address, the Dean highlighted the interlinkages between water, energy, and food, and the implications of these on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). He spoke of the importance of the SDGs for achieving environmental resilience and called for the adoption of a new business model based on values, a comprehensive work methodology that defines the interconnectedness between water productivity and energy efficiency, and the comprehensive management of water resources. All of these are essential to achieving sustainable livelihoods and human security. Dean Mohtar emphasized the need for the exchange of ideas and experiences and for cooperation between different sectors, suggesting a tradeoff analysis platform for use in addressing the challenges facing primary resource. Such a platform will enable the development of effective solutions for mitigating climate change and conserving the ecosystem.  

Dean Mohtar moderated the conference session on Water and Food. Panel members included Dr. Andre Khoury, Assistant Professor and Engineer of Food Technology, Faculty of Sciences, Saint Joseph University; Dr. Majida Mcheik, Head of the Program Department and Advisor to the Minister, Lebanese Ministry of Agriculture; and Dr. Riad Saade, Chairman and Board Director, Lebanese Center for Research and Agricultural Studies (CREAL). Each panelist provided a 10-15 minute intervention regarding their insights and recommendations on the following questions. How can we reduce water consumption in agriculture? How do we improve water reuse for agriculture? Water and agriculture arbitration: how to ensure greater integration in water and food policy? Fruitful discussion and lively interaction with the audience followed the interventions.

The Arabic article is available here.