AUB and the Norwegian Theatre Academy collaborate on 100-year anniversary of Bauhaus

Regional workshops took place in Beirut and in Tripoli, in recognition of the 100-year anniversary of Bauhaus, “The Building as a Stage” (October 4-17).  

The collaboration between Cornelia Krafft at AUB and Karen Kipphoff of the Norwegian Theatre Academy (NTA) included bachelor's​ degree (BA) students from the AUB courses Scenography (Architecture) and Spatial Structures Movement (Landscape Architecture) at and the master’s degree (MA) Scenography students from NTA.

 Students participated in-group work and guided tours that concluded with on-site interventions in Tripoli and Beirut. The choices of Tripoli and Beirut allowed focus on the different landscapes of the two areas: both are modernist, utopian sites that create housing for residents, while reflecting the local culture and representation within the land. 

The Blind Spot Artistic Research of NTA displays urbanism, architectural, and societal “loopholes and voids”, which are considered through interventions and actions whose locations were strategically selected from among the forgotten, derelict, or contested spaces within the buildings of Beirut and Tripoli. The outcomes of the workshop will be presented at AUB and, in recorded form, in Fredrikstad (NTA) at a date yet to be decided.