“3al Gharbe” Festival to support Lebanese rural areas and local tourism

ESDU, in collaboration with Li-Loubnani association and Aitanit Municipality, organized (August 4) the “3al Gharbe” festival on the West Bekaa’s Qaraoun lake, Aïtanit. Visitors participated in a day of activities that included hiking, harvesting, cultural village tours, dabkeh, yoga, and more.

They enjoyed a traditional lunch prepared by local women and cooperatives and tasted Lebanese wines provided by local wineries. The kids had their share of fun through several educational activities and games. A farmers’ market gathered producers from the region, who sold mouneh and seas​onal vegetables and fruits. The event aimed at shedding the light on Qaraoun Lake, the Litani River, and the region’s tourism potential; it promoted local produce in support of Lebanese farmers.​​​