AREC creamery relaunched!

​​As part of AREC’s mission to provide practical experience to FAFS students, AREC creamery will relaunch, with the objective of informing students about dairy production; toward this end, three pregnant heifers were recently purchased from Libanlait farm (March 13).

The new creamery will, once again, process lactic acid based products (strained, and drinking yogurts), five local varieties of white cheese (baladi, ikkawi, halloum, double cream, and karichi), and hard cheeses (kashkaval, havarti, blue, mozzarella, goat, French and Bulgarian types). Low fat products and flavored ice creams will also be among the new products that will address the demand from AREC’s major clients: AUBMC, the broader AUB community, the AREC community, and the two diet centers – Carla’s Good Food and the Diet Center.

The relaunch will help create an effective research platform and dairy producers and graduate students will benefit from training workshops on processing safety and hygiene (routine microbiology for raw milk from the milking parlor and for final products, swab tests for surfaces, etc.). 

The original creamery was founded in the late seventies and suffered from events in Lebanon at that time: both the building and the equipment suffered serious damage. Renovations began in 2003, new equipment was installed; actual production began in April 2005, continuing through 2014, when production activities were halted and the bovine herd sold to reduce AREC deficit. We look forward to this promising new chapter of the AREC creamery!