AREC hosts AUB Board of Trustees (BoT)

​​AUB board of trustees, President Khuri, Provost Harajli, members of the board of Deans and the FAFS External Advisory Board visited AREC, on Saturday June 1, where Dr. Mustafa Haidar, AREC Director, presented an overview of AREC’s history, cu​​rrent facilities, needs and outlook. President Khuri welcomed the attendees and Dean Mohtar discussed AREC’s prospects and presented the five main targets of AUB’s AREC Task Force Master Plan to establish AREC as a: 

  1. Regional Hub for Water-Energy-Food-Health (WEFH) Nexus
  2. Hub for Participatory Student Learning Experience 
  3. Regional Community Engagement Center
  4. Center of Excellence for Emergency Environments
  5. Hub for Entrepreneurship and Value Creation 

The attendees toured the AREC facilities, inaugurated the new Solar/Green Poultry House, and planted Leyland trees with plaque of each attendee’s name attached to the tree.

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