FAFS – AUB planting the seeds of hope

​​​FAFS, in collaboration with the Nature Conservation Center (NCC), the Office of Development, and the Communication Office, initiated (April 7) its first AUB One Day Planting the Seeds of Hope in Dhour Al Abadieh, Mount Lebanon.

As part of the “30 million campaign” of the Ministry of Agriculture about conservation and management of natural areas, a million oak trees and seeds will be planted over the next 5 years. More than 100 AUB faculty members, staff, students and their families, high school students joined Aley Red Cross and Dhour Al Abadieh Municipality members by planting oak seeds in Dhour Al Abadieh preserved land.

On the return trip, participants visited Karim Abu Ezzeddine Historic Saray for coffee and Manakeesh, and bought Mouneh from Beyt El Mouneh. Intended to raise awareness in the AUB community, the date of the next Seeds of Hope planting day will be shared soon.​