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AUBees keep AUB buzzing green!

​​The Apiculture class of the Department of Agriculture organized AUB Honey Day: Spring 2019 – declared National Bee Day (April 17). Held in the FAFS courtyard, the day engaged participants in many activities including a display of observation hives, bees and beekeeping trivia games, an environmental awareness campaign, beekeeping related items, honey, honey tasting, and homemade honey pastries.   

The event highlighted the role of FAFS’ beehives in preserving AUB's greenery: a matter that the organizers pioneered, even before the establishment of the international Urban Beekeeping Initiative, as a means to counteract the disappearance of honeybees. The event al​so drew attention to the urgent need to revisit our attitudes on food and agricultural systems choices. 

The proceeds’ of the day went to supporting the live beehives at the FAFS Honeybee Lab. This year’s event came amid mounting concerns over climate change and ecosystem distortions, such as reflected in the global phenomenon of Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), of which alarming reports have surfaced recently in developing countries such as Lebanon. The event helps raise awareness about CCD: the decline in bee counts places the supply of raw materials for global businesses at risk. While the security of the world’s food supply is dependent, in part, upon our ability to improve the health of the pollinators, the organizers of National Bee Day also acknowledge the positive impact that bees have on supply chains and the sustainable trade sectors relying on the pollinator communities. 

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