Yaser Abunnasr (LDEM) and Stephen M. Wheeler (UC-D) co-present at UC Davis Arab Region Consortium

​​Dr. Yaser Abunnasr, associate professor LDEM, and  Dr. Stephen M. Wheeler, professor of Urban Design and Sustainability, UC Davis  co-presented on the topic Mitigating Heat islands for Dryland Cities, at the UC Davis Arab Region Consortium Sustainability Research and Training Program (March 5 2019).

The two discussed their project funded by Diamond Developers of Dubai. The project utilizes satellite data to compare urban heating dynamics for 10 arid cities worldwide, including Dubai. Urban heating dynamics and mitigation strategies for dryland cities are more complex than for temperate cities, due to their climates and the lack of water for urban greening. Abunnasr’s project relies on data supplemented by The Sustainable City in Dubai, drawing conclusions about the ways in which urban forestry, shade maximizing built form, and surface material helps cool these cities.