FAFS’ Ajyal Salima: on healthy kids at FNCE to promote healthy eating for children

​​FAFS lecturer Dr. Carla Habib Mourad and her team, research assistants Carla Maliha and Michele Dagher, participated in the Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo (FNCE) in Philadelphia, USA, October 26–29.

The presented poster, Two-year intervention and one-year Follow-up of a School-based program to promote Healthy Behaviors and prevent Childhood Obesity in Lebanese Children: “The Healthier Kids Cohort Study", reported their efforts to determine the long-term effectiveness of a school-based intervention program implemented over 2 years. The study showed that students from public and private schools significantly increased their fruits and vegetables intake in intervention versus control, with a sustained effect only in public schools. The study showed that students' fruits and vegetables intake significantly increased in intervention versus control, both in private and public schools with a sustained effect only in public. A decrease in chips and sweet drinks consumption was also apparent in students from public schools; those students (public schools) were less likely to be overweight when compared with their respective control groups. The study's outcomes point to the need for policies to secure a positive nutrition environment in schools and the adoption of nutrition interventions to achieve sustained behaviors and healthier BMI in children.