ESDU’s CLIMAT project kicks off with training on rug production in Arsal

Climate-Smart Livelihoods Initiatives and Market Access Tailoring (CLIMAT) project celebrated its kick-off in December 2018 with rug production training sessions lead by the NGO Cooperation Without Borders (CWB). A local trainer with more than 10 years of extensive experience in rug production coached​ thirty Lebanese and Syrian women at Arsal Coop.

Attendees were invited to an information session on December 10 where they were introduced to the CLIMAT project, the rug production process, and the raw materials needed. They also learned about the loom’s structure and its installation process. Following a week of introductory sessions, participants learned about the practical implementation of rug production (wool cleaning and spinning, loom installation, rug designing, etc.). The training program will continue for six consecutive months.​​