The scientific and industrial benefits of Cannabis

The FAFS Alumni Chapter hosted a conference (June 19) at the Michel and Sherine Bayoud Lecture Hall, FAFS, to highlight the scientific and industrial aspects of Cannabis, a controversial plant that affects farmers around Lebanon and their income.

Cannabis, also known as hashisheh or marijuana, is controversial due to it being a source of illegal income for a large number of farmers and drug dealers. However, a second variety of the cannabis plant has proven to have many more important and beneficial applications for engineering and medical use than the “weed” drug. The 2017 McKinsey report mentions that Cannabis culture, if fully legalized and targeted toward industrial applications, can play an important role in the development of the industry in Lebanon and become an important source of income.

The conference, moderated by Hadi Jaafar, Assistant Professor, FAFS, began with welcoming remarks from Said El Kaissi, President, FAFS Alumni Chapter, and from Ammar Olabi, Associate Dean, FAFS, on behalf of Dean Mohtar. During the conference, Mohammad Farran, Professor, poultry nutrition, FAFS, discussed Cannabis as an agricultural plant and explored its varieties ​and production options. Elie Awwad, Associate Professor, Lebanese University, provided insight about industrial and engineering usages of the plant.