NFSC’s iodine procedure certified in EQUIP

​​The Nutrition and Food Sciences department (NFSC) was awarded the certificate of performance by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, USA). The certificate bestows official accreditation of NFSC’s validated technique for iodine measurement: EQUIP (Ensuring the Quality of Urinary Iodine Procedures). With joint grants from the Iodine Global Network, UNICEF, and USAID, NFSC will establish a certified laboratory on campus to become the only active, reliable reference for monitoring iodine statuses in Lebanon and the region.

The iodine project began in 2013, in a study by Dr. Obeid looking at iodine deficiency in Lebanese children. As the region lacked an active, validated laboratory at the time, samples collected for the study were shipped to Switzerland for iodine measurements; hence, Obeid contacted the CDC, USA to begin, and ultimately achieve, the process of validation and accreditation of the department’s method of iodine measurement.