ESDU and FHF present at the UNESCO World Forum "Culture and Food”

​Dr. Mabelle Chedid, ESDU executive officer and president of Food Heritage Foundation (FHF), was invited to speak at the UNESCO World Forum, Parma, Italy (September 12-13).

Representing both ESDU and FHF, Dr. Chedid participated in the panel discussion Culture and Food: the Foundations of Cultural Identity - Innovative Strategies for Sustainable Development. Speakers from around the globe discussed the linkages between food, culture, heritage, identity, and adaptation to emerging trends, in view of the knowledge that eating habits are a product of codes of conduct and social structures of the societies in which they occur. 

These links represent a nonverbal means of sharing with others. The discussion focused on the challenges and opportunities of creatively, innovatively reinventing traditions, while preserving local identities.​​