ESDU for Pre-College Mentoring Program

​​ESDU participated in the Pre-college Mentoring Program (May 2019), managed by AUB’s Issam Fares Institute, to introduce pre-college students to interesting subjects and orient them toward relevant fields of work. 

ESDU has offered training in the FAFS green house area on sustainable agricultural practices, introducing the prospective students to the importance of the field, future career opportunities, and community service activities in agriculture. The training module included sessions on: 1) soil composition and composting; 2) water resources management and irrigation; 3) integrated pest management; 4) open-range chicken production; and 5) biodiversity and agriculture. 

The interactive sessions included stimulating hands-on activities, such as identification of pests and diseases, preparation of natural insecticides, planting aromatic plants, designing chicken coops using recycled material, and other activities.​