ESDU attends the National Permaculture Convergence, Oxfordshire, UK

​​​The Environment and Sustainable Development Unit (ESDU) participated in the National Permaculture Convergence held in Oxfordshire, UK (September 6-8). The ESDU team, comprised Dr. Shady Hamadeh, Dr. Mabelle Chedid and Ms. Lamis Jamil, whose poster, Saving the MENA's Last Transhumants: A Bioregional Approach, was displayed throughout the conference and presented during the session Bioregions and Climate Emergency: The Thames Headwaters Bioregion (THB) Forum.

The poster describes the threats faced by the sheep and goat production sectors and highlights climate change adaptation mechanisms for small ruminant systems in semi-arid regions. The case study of Drs. Chedid and Hamadeh on the adaptation of small ruminant systems in the West Bekaa based on farmer's perceptions of change was highlighted and the team also featured ESDU work as the FAFS' interdisciplinary R&D center, explaining its regional work as an operational axis during the past 18 years.​

Click the below image for the high resolution poster.