ESDU launches a new Demo Plot in West Bekaa

​​​ESDU launched the West Bekaa CLIMAT Demo-plot in Deir Ein El Jaouze, Saghbine (August 3), in the presence of municipality representatives, the president of the Union of the Lake Municipalities, representatives of local NGOs and CBOs, local communities and friends.

As part of the CLIMAT project, agricultural demo-plots established in Northeast Baalbeck and West Bekaa offer farmers, women, and youth hands-on group learning opportunities through the Farmers Field School approach. The agricultural demonstration unit in West Bekaa includes a vegetables greenh​​ouse, plots for blackberries, blueberries and strawberries, and units for aromatic production and barley sprouts. The unit demonstrates feasible agricultural practices that are of minimal harm to natural resources. Agroecology and organic production are adopted to promote eco-friendly, healthy practices. The demo-plot serves as a knowledge hub and is visited by farmers interested in knowing more about best agricultural practices.