Dr. Elie-Jacques Fares: Hydration, Sports Injury, and Sports Nutrition

​Dr. Elie-Jacques Fares, FAFS Nutrition and Food Sciences department (NFSC), helped organize and participated in three sports nutrition talks in collaboration with The Charles Hostler Student Center (CHSC) and the Nutrition Student Society. 

The first talk, Maintaining Proper Hydration: Athletes vs Non-Athletes, jointly presented by Dr. Elie-Jacques Fares (NFSC, FAFS) and Mrs. Dima Al-Wattar (CHSC), (12, 13 March) highlighted water as the most essential nutrient for athletes and sedentary individuals, despite the fact that it does not provide energy. Listeners learned about body temperature regulation, dehydration, fluid intake at rest and around exercise, and drinks suitable for consumption by athletes during and after exercise. 

The second talk, Sports Injury Prevention, offered by Dr. Tarek Gherbal (CHSC), (13 March) discussed the scientific evidence of prevention of sports injury, provided different strategies to injury prevention, off-season and in-season, and discussed the pillars of recovery in post-exercise and practical tips for athletes who are on a demanding schedule. 

The final talk featured sports nutrition with Dr. Elie-Jacques Fares and Ms. Laura Hjeij. The latter, in collaboration with the nutrition student society, set up a booth in Charles Hostler center to answer participants’ questions about their personal exercise and diet habits. The booth engaged students in trivia games and fun questions with prizes for all visitors.