First Food Security Program graduate’s inspiring words during Commencement Ceremony

​​FAFS celebrated the commencement of 25 graduate and 111 undergraduate FAFS students (May 31 and June 1).

​Graduating with an MS in Food Security, Kelvin Kimani, inspired fellow students and attendees at commencement saying: “At AUB, I had the opportunity and the fortune of being in one of the most amazing and academically demanding programs the Food Security Program. I am here because of this program, which taught and equipped me with skills that I hope to use in the future in Kenya, Sub-Saharan Africa, and throughout the world to alleviate poverty and feed hungry people.” Kimani added, "We will make a living by receiving from others, but we will make a life by giving to others. Let us, today, make a conscious decision to let our acquired education, skills, and experiences become a beacon of hope to humanity and those in need."

FAFS is honored to be a cornerstone of the future careers and ambitions of its graduates, and wishes them fruitful paths of exciting fulfillment. Chasing one’s dream requires effort and passion; FAFS students’ hard work will surely guide them to a bright future.​​​