FSP students explore NGO work with vulnerable communities

​​​​Food Security Program (FSP) and Public Health Nutrition Program students in FSEC 310, Nutrition Security Assessment and Intervention Strategies, visited the Bekaa Valley to learn about refugee nutrition assessment strategies and programs of the NGO Action Against Hunger (ACF). 

With Instructor Dr. Lamis Jomaa and ACF team, students conducted baseline surveys and met with focus groups of Syrian refugees. Students also attended nutrition awareness sessions for pregnant and lactating women. Afterward, students ​went to Baalbek, where they attended food preservation training sessions for targeted groups in the area.

Students en​rolled in the Food Security Program (FSP) course FSEC 315 Food Policies and their Planning Process, visited the World Food Programme (WPF) office in Akkar, North Lebanon, where they explored areas current uses of the support system, including assessment, targeting, distribution, and monitoring processes of food aid and cash assistance for Syrian refugees. 

The trip, led by instructor Dr. Martin Keulertz, included a visit to a large supermarket in the region that works with the World Food Programme (WFP) and provides debit-card assistance to Syrian refugees. Students explored the current use of this support system guided by the supermarket owners. The field visit concluded by a household visit to one of the families using the debit-card assistance program.