Farouk Jabre one-year grant awarded to Dr. Lara Nasreddine and Dr. Marlene Chakhtoura

​​​​​Drs. Lara Nasreddine (FAFS) and Marlene Chakhtoura (FM) received AUB’s Farouk Jabre Award at the 9th Biomedical Research Day (March 9​) at AUB for their research proposal Liraglutide and Mediterranean diet: a Randomized Controlled Trial in Patients with Obesity.

The 9th Annual AUB Biomedical Research Day and the Farouk Jabre Award recognize individuals whose scientific research has made, or carries the potential of making significant contributions towards the improvement of human health. The event gathers distinguished researchers, students, faculty, and dignitaries from multiple scientific disciplines. The Farouk Jabre Award, a one-year grant awarded annually, began in 2011, and is intended to showcase the biomedical research performed at AUB by bringing together faculty of different disciplines to identify common areas of interest for collaborative research. For more information about Biomedical Research Day, please click here