FAFS hosts first SDG cohort, led by Mirella Aoun

​​The first Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) research day at AUB took place at FAFS’ Bayoud lecture hall (September 18). The event featured outcomes from seven AUB research teams sponsored by the Global Compact Network Lebanon and producing action-oriented research related to one or more of the SDGs.  

Dr. Mirella Aoun, SDGs focal point at AUB, introduced the event and highlighted its importance in harnessing the AUB community for SDG activity. Dr. Aoun thanked the Global Compact Network of Lebanon, led by Dr. Dima Jamali, MP, for enabling quality research on SDGs through their sponsorship. Dr. Jamali highlighted how “reinforced by research, our projects can generate new outcome, which we can capitalize on and make significant headway towards the SDGs.” 

During the event, seven students, all winners of the United Nations Millennium Fellowship were able to present their projects to the attending stakeholders, faculty and other guests. They were the first cohort of AUB students to generate​ creative, student-led initiatives in various SDG related projects with high social impact. Dean Moht​ar concluded the event with the announcement of the creation of a SDGs unit at AUB to help integrate SDGs into AUB’s sphere of operation and influence. FAFS congr​atulates Dr. Aoun on the successful event and thank all the AUB faculty and students involved in creating great change through support of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

To watch the full event, click here