Food-Water-Energy-Health Nexus at AREC

​​With the goal of improving water use efficiency, AREC initiated, in summer 2007, a project to integrate aquaculture and agriculture to improve wate​r use efficiency. Over time, the project developed integrated aquaculture and greenhouse vegetable production.

By 2018, novel strains of beneficial insects developed and reared at FAFS, were tested and biological pest control successfully reduced the use of harmful pesticide sprays. Also in 2018, a solar water heater facilitated an additional vegetable harvest in the greenhouse and extended the growing season of the aquaculture unit.

Recently, AREC introduced a solar photovoltaic system, converting the entire operation to the use of renewable energy. Since early this month, fish tank water irrigates the organic, hydroponic broccoli, and the tasty, healthy product is sold to AUB community.