FAFS at the 10th GCHERA Conference: Transforming Higher Education

​​​During the 10th GCHERA Conference on Transforming Higher Education in Nanjing, China, Dr. Roula Bachour presented an overview of the progress made by AUB and in partnership with W.K. Kellogg Foundation, GCHERA, and EARTH University toward that transformation.

Dr. Bachour highlighted the role of AUB in graduating ethical leaders and responsible citizens who are ready to face future challenges through examples from the current challenges and unrest in Lebanon and the way in which AUB students were involved leaders and committed citizens. 

The session was followed by a panel discussion about the challenges faced by universities in permitting educational reform: these challenges include ranking and accreditations, promotions and tenure tracks, flexibility to change curricula, involvement of governments and ministries in curricula and universities, infrastructure, budget, faculty resistance and incentives for change, cultural issues in participatory learning, time required to change, and more.​

The panelists discussed ways to overcome these barriers, such as learning from other universities and presented successful examples from EARTH University:  seeking accreditation to become the norm rather than the outlier; adapting pedagogies to student needs, empowering and supporting pioneer faculty members to be learning facilitators, publishing results​ in journals to support the transformation, etc.​