RCODE Professor Giuliano Martiniello’s book launch

In an event (April 15) at the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Makerere, Uganda, FAFS Assistant Professor Giuliano Martiniello, RCODE program, launched his book: Uganda: The Dynamics of Neoliberal Transformation, the latest in the Ugandan literary market.

​Martiniello, Research Fellow at the Makerere Institute for Social Research (MISR), is one of three editors of the book. At the book launch, he stated “The book is an exploration of the New Uganda, Africa’s most contentious capitalist market society, 30 years after the government accepted to liberalize the Ugandan economy”. He added “It aims to reopen the debate on the capitalist political economy in Uganda, after decades marked by a lack of critical scholarship on the topic”.

A review of the book is published in Uganda’s New Vision newspaper: link.