Greenhouse renovation

Installed during 2003-04, eight compartments of the Greenhouse are slated for renovation. Beginning with four compartments in May 2019, the plan is for completion of the second four by June 2020.

Originally comprised of polystyrene, the greenhouse material has now been changed, including the sidewalls and the roof. Four new air conditioners and four fans will improve the ventilation within the greenhouse. ​​​

An improved cutter system, including two new benches and a sink for each compartment, improves the drainage within the newly renovated compartments. 

The renovations also included improvements to the main electric closet within each compartment: wiring and lighting systems were reinstalled. Each compartment has a new-netted door and the main doors for entering the compartments were also replaced.

The same upgrades are to be made to the remaining four compartments by June 2020. ​

The renovation, exceptionally supported by the provost and implemented by the PPD, constitutes one piece of the master plan on the eco-unit for FAFS.​