IT support in promoting FAFS-2025 vision

​​​​​At the invitation of CIO Dr. Yousif Asfour, ​FAFS management ​joined the March 29 IT Town Hall to share the FAFS-2025 vision with the campus and medical center IT teams. Promoting FAFS-2025 across the AUB community, and in particular among FAFS partners, will play an important role in achieving the interdisciplinary FAFS-2025 vision for research, faculty, and students.

During the meeting, FAFS highlighted potential IT related initiatives that can support the new strategic goals, such as:

  • E-Learning to secure needed technologies for distance learning and course redesign for the development and revamping of programs to enhance student engagement; 
  • Data collection and analysis facilities including Internet of Things (IoT) tools and applications critical to collecting meaningful, timely data and “big data” analytics.
  • Virtual labs at campus locations (AREC and FAFS) to allow internet connectivity when and wherever research workstations or computer labs are required and to eliminate the need for the setup and maintenance of physical, onsite computing facilities;
  • Enhanced Careers Portal and new modules for Career Advising to automate matching between candidate capabilities and job requirements;
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) system to track student recruitment activities;
  • Providing adequate technologies and IT services for faculty and staff advancement;
  • Harnessing audio-visual technologies in teaching facilities.