Members from IWMI and Dr. Wondim Asmare at AREC

Dr. Rachael McDonnell from International Water Management Institute (IWMI) along with Dr. Martin Keulertz, Food Security Program at FAFS, visited AREC on April 5. Mr. Nicolas Haddad, AREC Farm facilities Manager, welcomed them with a briefing about the role of AREC in agricultural development in the region and major current research and projects at the center. The visitors had a tour around the farm grounds and were very pleased to observe that AREC is almost plastic free.

In addition, Dr. Wondim Asmare, short listed Candidate for the Animal Science position in the Agriculture department, along with FAFS’ Dr. Gumataw Abebe had the chance to visit AREC (April 3).  Dr. Haidar, AREC Director, welcomed them, gave them a tour of the AREC facilities, and explained to them the role of AREC as a center for teaching, research, training, and outreach activities in Lebanon and the MENA region.​