Encapsulation Technologies - Applications in Foods and Agricultural Systems by Jamileh Lakkis

Jamileh Lakkis, Lead Consultant for the startup company, Bellacap, Spain, delivered the lecture: Encapsulation Technologies - Applications in Foods and Agricultural Systems on April 3, at FAFS.


Encapsulation is the process where a solid or liquid material is surrounded by a coating or embedded in a matrix for its release at a predetermined time and target. The field of encapsulation and controlled release has grown tremendously in scope and potential in the last few decades and has led the way to many innovations in foods and consumer products. 

Applications of these technologies in food systems include preserving actives from deterioration, delaying their undesirable interactions, and providing mechanisms for their targeted release. Familiar examples of encapsulation technologies in food systems include long-lasting flavors in chewing gums and oral care products, enhanced bioavailability of nutrients, and stabilized nutraceutical preparations.

In the area of agriculture, various encapsulation-based products have been successfully commercialized. Encapsulated pesticides, for example, have been designed to enhance their effectiveness, protect them against evaporative losses, reduce toxicity, and provide for their precision targeting. Other agricultural applications include fertilizers, post-harvest protection of crops, aquaculture and ruminant nutrition, water treatment, and many others. 

About the speaker: 

Jamileh Lakkis, Ph.D. is a renowned expert in designing and commercializing delivery systems based on encapsulation and controlled release technologies. She worked for several multinational companies in the US, including General Mills & Cadbury-Schweppes and lately as a Director of Business Development for Lipotec Group, Spain. Throughout her career, Dr. Lakkis has assumed dual roles as a business leader and a technical expert on encapsulation and delivery systems in foods and consumer products. She is the editor of a book on Encapsulation Technologies in Food Systems. Jamileh holds a PhD from the University of Illinois at U-C and a M.Sc. from AUB.