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Transforming food and agriculture to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals - Is it possible? by Dr. Kakoli Ghosh

Dr. Kakoli Ghosh, Coordinator Partnerships, Strategic Program on Sustainable Agriculture, FAO, visited FAFS (February 1) to deliver the lecture: Transforming food and agriculture to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals- Is it possible? Dr. Ghosh discussed the opportunities and challenges of transitioning to sustainable agriculture that can deliver inclusive g​rowth and drive positive change through the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030 Agenda.​


Food and agriculture stand at crossroads today. Despite the major improvements in agricultural productivity of recent decades, progress has come with social and environmental costs, including water scarcity, soil degradation, ecosystem stress, biodiversity loss and high levels of greenhouse gas emissions. Overcoming these complex challenges will require transformative action, embracing the principles of sustainability, and tackling the root causes. FAO promotes a common vision for sustainable, integrated approach to agriculture that is based on five principles for improving efficiency, conservation, resilience, governance and livelihoods. Based on these principles, a simple guide was developed outlining 20 action areas, describing approaches, practices, policies and tools that interlink multiple SDGs and involve participation and partnerships among different actors. The guide shows that mainstreaming sustainable food and agriculture can help deliver multiple SDGs at the national level. 

Dr. Ghosh discussed these actions, potential opportunities, and challenges in the context of the transition to sustainable agriculture that delivers inclusive growth and drives positive change across the 2030 Agenda of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

About the speaker: 

Dr. Kakoli Ghosh is based in Rome, Italy, at the UN-FAO. She is a part of the management team of the Strategic Program on Sustainable Food and Agriculture, and has extensive international experience in related policy development and technical assistance. Dr. Ghosh firmly believes in building partnerships among interested stakeholders to support and promote FAO’s mission of global food and nutrition security. A native of India, Dr. Ghosh holds a PhD in Plant Sciences from the University of Oxford, UK.

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