Dr. Issmat Kassem reinstates LAFS (Lebanese Association for Food Safety) in the IAFP

​​Dr. Issmat Kassem reinstated LAFS, the Lebanese Association for Food Safety, as an official affiliate in the International Association of Food Protection (IAFP), the world’s largest, most prominent international organization for food protection. This is a major step for advancing the FAFS food safety program in the NFSC department.

The objective of LAFS is to educate, inform and empower Lebanese academicians and other food sector stakeholders regarding food safety issues and the dangers of unsafe food. LAFS also works to bring safety standards within the Lebanese food industry and food supply chain to internationally acceptable levels. IAFP provides a forum for food safety professionals worldwide exchange information for the protection of the food supply.

LAFS is open to all FAFS and AUB students and fa​culty, as well as to all stakeholders in food safety. In his efforts to enroll new active members, Dr. Kassem recently recruited nine graduates and presented the activities of LAFS at the Affiliate Council Meeting (IAFP 2019). Kassem expects LAFS to expand rapidly as it provides very valuable resources and training.