LDEM student Thea Maria Maroun wins Global Undergraduate Award

​LDEM congratulates our 2019 alumna Thea Maria Maroun on being one of the highly commended entrants with her pa​per ranking among the top 10% of papers submitted to the Architecture and Design Category in the Global Undergraduate Awards.​​​

Thea’s paper 'Re-Morphing the Quarryscape of the Metn Express Highway: Hybridizing Theories: Between Ecological Reclamation and Land-Art' made it to the top among other 3,437 submissions to the Undergraduate Awards this year. The project tackles the quarries of the Metn express highway that have been abandoned, and that are currently leaving extremely large open spaces decay, in a time where open spaces in the city are scarce. The entire ecological system suffers from the many disturbances affecting it. The project thus aims to treat the major loss and degradation of habitats, habitat qualities, and land cover.

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