Landscape: Between Theory and Practice

LDEM hosted the lecture and book launch event A Landscape Approach: Between Theory and Practice on May 31, using a series of global case studies at the intersection of practice and academia to highlight the need for a landscape approach focusing on the international practice work of Hideo Sasaki. 

The event, sponsored by the Lebanese Landscape Association (LELA), featured presentations by Swiss Landscape Architect Thomas Nideroest, co-founder of the think tank ‘International Landscape Collaborative’, and Dima Rachid (LDEM 2010), a Lebanese lands​cape architect, urbanist, and design researcher.

Nideroest’s presentation demonstrated real world applications of the landscape approach as a medium and method in Sasaki’s international practice. The projects addressed planning and design issues in the context of climate change and social vulnerability. Rachid’s presentation addressed the Litani River Watershed and the way in which landscape as a method meets the ground in Lebanon. Rachid discussed the connection between geospatial data analysis and practical strategies in producing territorial mapping.