Dr. Mohamad Farran: planting industrial and medical Cannabis

​Dr. Mohamad Farran, Professor, Agri, was invited to deliver on January 23​ a detailed presentation to the Lebanese parliamentary committee considering the legalization of cannabis for medical and industrial (fiber) purposes, as a substitute to the narcotic plant.​


Farran discussed three varieties of cannabis (sativa, indica, and ruderalis) and presented the uses of each and the proper soil and conditions for its growth. The presentation included recommendations for production and marketing through establishing a unit in the Bek’aa valley to grow the plants and selling the produce in collaboration with the private sector, universities, research facilities, grower associations, pharmaceutical industries, etc. Such a unit would distribute medical cannabis to interested farmers and facilitate the export of the resulting produce.

The meeting was attended by Lebanese officials, Ministers Inaya Izzeddine and Hussein Al-Hajj Hassan, and twenty-nine members of parliament including Yassin Jaber, Fouad Makhzoumi, Antoine Habchi, Chamel Roukoz and Ibrahim Al Moussawi. Representatives from the union of pharmacists and the UNDP were also in attendance.

An Arabic press release was featured in several local newspapers: