Nutrition in Emergencies: 9th training course

The NFSC, in collaboration with the Institute of Global Health, University College London, offers (since 2010), an 11-day intensive training course Nutrition in Emergencies (NIE) to optimize nutritional responses under various types of emergency conditions. The 9th annual NIE took place June 17-29, in Beirut and Bekaa. 


Regionally, it has become a tool to address nutritional problems in zones of conflict, including continuous and concurrent conflicts such as those in Syria and Yemen. NIE offers nutritionists, health professionals, and humanitarian workers a unique opportunity to strengthen organizational capacity and effectively respond to emergencies.​​

This year’s course drew great attention: participants included more than 22 applicants from the region, including 11 from Lebanon, and others from Syria, Yemen, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Somalia and Germany. Several UN agencies and other organizations showed interest in funding their applicants as part of their strategic development; these include the World Food Programme, Save the Children International, UNICEF, Aga Khan University, and Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe. Independent participants from within and outside AUB also showed interest. The course was delivered by 12 experts including independent consultants with extensive involvement in emergency nutrition response from AUB, University College London, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, World Food Programme, UNICEF, and International Medical Corps. Facilitators shared experiences and expertise with the participants who, in return, interactively shared their own professional experience in the field.​