FAFS Welcoming New Faculty: Orientation and Field Tour

​​As the new academic year 2019-2020 begins, we welcome those new faculty who will teach and conduct research, each in their own fields of expertise. As part of a new FAFS initiative, new faculty toured the on-going projects around Lebanon to become acquainted with the projects and the importance of what FAFS does. New faculty professors in the Department of Agriculture, Sandra Yanni, Mirella Aoun, Walid El Kayal, and Kassahun Asmare Wondim and Beata Dreksler of the Department of Landscape Design and Ecosystem Management, toured with Hana Sobh, Dean Rabi Mohtar, Dr. Isam Bashour, Dr. Gumataw Abebe, Dr. Yusuf Abou Jawdah, and student Mahmoud Fawaz.

Beginning at the southern coastal area, the new faculty joined veteran professors in a visit to Jiyeh, where they saw vegetable crops like tomatoes, cucumber, squash, and leafy greens.  They observed how soil solarization is implemented to naturally control diseases, insects, and weeds. The group also saw multiple tropical fruit crops, including mango, avocado, passion fruit, and dragon fruit. From Jiyeh, the group travelled to Ecokhaleh-Baakline, where they met and toured the facility guided by EDSU director Dr. Shady Hama​deh, who introduced them to free range chicken, vegetables, walnut, berries and grapes. Then, in traveling towards Maasser el Chouf, the members explored Lebanon’s largest Cedar forest before moving on to West Beqaa and Kharebt Qanafar, where they visited a dairy farm, a demo plot in Saghbine, and   Qaraoun Lake.  Finally, tour members were treated with a delicious, traditional Lebanese lunch served at the guesthouse in Ein Zabde.

​FAFS family welcomes its new members and wishes them much success.​