A playful structure by LDEM students revives AREC’s pine area

​Each summer, second year LDEM students develop a playful structure at AREC, Bekaa, as part of the Site Engineering III - Design Implementation course (LDEM 249). Under the supervision of LDEM 249 professors Beata Dreksler and Wissam Melhem, a permanent installation is constructed with the goal of reviving the pine area near the student dorms at AREC. The installation provides an exciting experience to visitors of all ages.

During the first week of July, students build a series of elevated platforms and bridges (mainly two elevated walkways and a hanging bridge) designed to provide a sense of adventure and excitement to users. Students attempt to achieve a more enjoyable, diverse experience by developing different designs for the entrances using wheels, poles, and ladders. At the very end of the structure, there is a playful element consisting of hanging ropes to provide an adventurous, swinging experience. Within a single week and among other demanding tasks, students must successfully complete the construction of the structure and an appealing varnish. 

The success of the project depends upon the students’ determination, the significant assistance received from the AREC staff, and the teamwork of all. The workshop is only possible with the remarkable involvement of the AREC team: Director Mustapha Haidar, farm and facilities manager Nicolas El-Haddad, and staff members Abdul Karim Rumeh, Mirna Yazbek, Walid Ham​iyeh, Ali Sindian, Abbas Moussawi, and Yousef Hamiyeh.