Dr. Maria Gabriella Trovato: invited Speaker at AILA International Festival

Dr. Maria Gabriella Trovato, assistant professor, FAFS-LDEM, was an invited speaker at the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) International Festival, the largest Australian festival/conference on landscape architecture, in October 2018. The conference, The Expanding Field, surveyed the edges of the landscape architecture profession, identifying prominent questions for the future, new territory for design, and innovative practices.

​Trovato’s presentation, Humanitarian Design in the Face of Forced Migration, addressed the evolution of the discipline in light of current world events: how the discipline is evolving and forming creative new relationships with allied fields.  The conference projected possible futures by looking toward the perimeter of practice, where landscape architects venture into new roles and areas, applying culture as hybrids.  The festival highlighted possible pathways to enable landscape architecture to increase its relevance and significantly contribute to worldwide challenges.