ESDU’s Ardi Ardak initiative

​​In collaboration with the Lebanese League for Women in Business (LLWB) and Food Heritage Foundation, ESDU hosted a discussion session at Zico House about the Ardi Ardak initiative. The initiative aims at reviving the food security sector by focusing on small scale holders, particularly women. The discussion highlighted the importance of self-sufficiency in times of crisis. 

The Ardi Ardak initiative will consolidate several community-supported activities: 1) Lunch box – Akleh; 2) Souk Al Souk (farmers' market special edition) – Moms and Kids; 3) Community supported outlets (for marketing & distribution) – Khayme; 4) Family meal – Tanjara; 5) Community gardens for rural women – Jnaineh; 6) Mouneh Basket linking Lebanese diaspora to producers – Cedar Basket; 7) Herbal kitchen kit (urban agriculture) – Aroma; and 8) Keepers of Darb el Karam – Mechwar. 

FAFS Dean Rabi Mohtar and LLWB president Dr. Asmahan Zein both spoke, stressing the importance of reviving Lebanon's agricultural sector to help overcome the current crisis. ​​