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LEAF Leading in Endotoxin Testing in Lebanon

​​LEAF participated and satisfactorily passed the global proficiency testing scheme 20M82.2 for “Endotoxins in waters" as described in the Pharmacopoeia under the Proficiency Testing Programme of AGLAE Association, France. LEAF was one of the 52 laboratories participating in the proficiency event, which included 28 labs from Metropolitan France and Corsica, and 24 international labs). 

Endotoxins are bacterial structural components released when a cell is lysed. The components are toxic if administered to humans and/or animals and cause a pyrogenic response (increased body temperature). 

For this reason, drugs and medical devices with direct or indirect contact to the cardiovascular system, lymphatic system, or cerebrospinal fluid must be tested for endotoxin content. Injectable pharmaceutical products, such as vaccines, must also be tested for bacterial endotoxins. Routine monitoring of water systems and incoming materials can help ensure that the process does not contribute endotoxins to the final product. 

Accordingly, LEAF offers this service (testing for Endotoxins) for more than 65 Hospitals across Lebanon on a routine basis, usually scheduled on the 3rd Tuesday of every month. 

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