FAFS’ Isam Bashour collaborates with NCC in analyzing the soil burned by wildfires

​​Dr. Isam Bashour, Professor of Soil Sciences (AGRI), joined a team from Nature Conservation Center (NCC) Environmental Services to address the devastation following the fire in Meshref and Damour. Dr. Bashour took two soils samples - one from the burned area and a second from a controlled space unaffected by the fire. 

The soil samples will be analyzed for their major physical and chemical properties. Also, the number of microorganisms in the soil will be estimated to evaluate the effect of fire on soil properties and the microorganism population. ​​

The objective of this is to test the differences in living organisms within the soil that prevents erosion of the land. The NCC team planted vetch and barley, which can help reintroduce living organisms to the burned soil.