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Tips for coping with Covid-19: Stay Active and Stay Connected

  • ​ Stay connected

  • Stick to familiar routines or begin new ones

  • Eat a healthy and nutritious diet to support your immune system’s proper function

  • Exercise – WHO recommends 30 minutes for adults, and an hour for children each day: consider an online exercise class.

  • Don’t smoke – smoking increases your risk of developing severe diseases, especially if you become infected with COVID-19.

  • Take care of your mental health: talk to people you know and trust.

  • Support your community, and remember that “together we stand”

  • Engage in well-being practices

  • Get your information form reliable sources

  • ​Engage in hobbies and things you enjoy

  • Create healthy work-from-home habits

  • Plan virtual coffee breaks with colleagues
  • Separate your work space from the space you relax
  • While working at home, make sure you don’t sit in the same position for long period.
  • Move around: take a three minute break every 30 minutes
  • Have a comfortable chair, table, and quiet space to allow focused work
  • Dress properly, don’t wear your pajamas
  • Keep a schedule: set specific working hours​

  • Keep your kids active and learning amid the COVID-19 outbreak

  • Stay in touch with your child’s school
  • Create a schedule and routine for learning at home
  • Remain flexible and realistic about what the children can achieve and what you can teach
  • Consider the needs of your child’s age group; adjustment as required
  • Look for ways to make learning fun
  • Keep them active – play games, do fun projects and other activities that stimulate their minds and bodies


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