FAFS participates in AUB’s food drive initiative

​As part of AUB's food drive event and in the spirit of the holidays, FAFS took the initiative to collect dry food items and/or money from interested faculty, staff, and students to provide food to needy families.

The FAFS initiative was organized by Dr. Jomaa and in collaboration with Dr. Lamya Tannous Khuri, Ms. Amelie Beyhum, and the FAFS Dean's Office. The food drive was conducted in parallel with the lecture series entitled: 'Dietary recommendations during times of crisis and uprising' to show the importance of helping those in need during these critical times while highlighting the importance of eating a locally produced diverse diet. 

There were food drive stands all over the university, from the FAFS courtyard to outside of West Hall to allow the larger AUB community to donate in a convenient way while spreading the sense of community and the spirit of giving.  AUB and FAFS collaborated with the Lebanese Food Bank for this event and succeeded in securing 3.7 metric tons of donated food.  

​To read more on the AUB website, click here