FAFS recruitment team visits public schools

​FAFS is committed to prepare and graduate the next generation of leaders who will impact Lebanon and the region. FAFS students will become the agents of societal change who discover solutions to the pressing challenges of our community’s natural systems locally, nationally and globally.

In this respect, FAFS launched school visits for its undergraduate students’ recruitment initiative. A team of faculty members comprising Isam Bashour (AGRI), Farah Naja (NFSC), and Dean’s Office staff, Maya Nabhani, Alia Alameddine, and Alhan Shamseddine started this recruitment campaign by visiting the Hussein Massoud public school (December 18) in Bchamoun. The team presented the academic opportunities available at FAFS to Baccalaureate I and II students. 

Nabhani introduced the faculty and highlighted the importance of FAFS disciplines in addressing global challenges such as food and water security, sustainable agriculture, climate change, and non-communicable diseases; Bashour and Naja discussed the many FAFS’ programs and possible courses of study. Alameddine highlighted internships and student career placement, focusing on the fact that over 90% of FAFS graduates find jobs immediately upon graduation. She also addressed avail​able financial assistance, including both scholarships and need-based financial offerings, emphasizing the faculty’s commitment to making education at FAFS affordable and accessible to all. 

This visit was followed up by another visit to the Dhour Chweir public Secondary School and to three schools in Tyre with other FAFS faulty teams. In all of the above visits, students were made aware of the various possible courses of study and career and scholarship opportunities at FAFS and showed a high level of engagement and interest.