Strengthening Women’s Resilience in a Time of Crisis

​ESDU, with its partners, Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development (ACTED), ABAAD, and Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT) Lebanon, received a new grant of $347,988 from the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). 

The  project, Strengthening Women's Resilience in a Time of Crisis, seeks to increase the access of vulnerable women to economic opportunities in South Lebanon. Specifically, ESDU will build the capacity of Lebanese and Syrian women in value chains including freekeh, aromatic plant production, rural tourism and handcrafts, while at the same time building stakeholder engagement, addressing existing barriers, and advocating for inclusive economic development planning.  Project activities are expected to begin in early 2020 and extend over 28 months.

Also in collaboration with ACTED, ABAAD, and DOT, ESDU won a second new grant from UNDP in the amount of $504,436 to implement, a similar project in the Bekaa governorate. Similar to the South Lebanon project, this second grant will help build capacity among 750 Lebanese and Syrian women in several value chains including freekeh, honey production, production and processing of fruits, vegetables and potatoes, handcrafts, and rural tourism. The second project will also begin in early 2020 and extend over 33 months.