American Univesity of Beirut

AREC Students’ Agricultural Projects (AGSC 223)

AG III students spent a productive and enriching term at AREC and conducted several projects as part of their hands-on experience and these are:

1.      Basil Production in hydroponics and conventional systems

Description: test Basil (Ocimum basilicum) on conventional and hydroponics systems.

Team: Anna Maria El Saikali, Mohamad Ismail, Abdul Ghani Maita. Alexandra Saadeh

2.      Black Soldier Flies and waste food for broiler feed and waste food for fish feed

Description: convert waste vegetables into high quality protein portion for chicken diet, and produce fish feed from waste food.

Team: Sarah Ziadeh, Hussein Turfah, Shady Youssef

3.      Integrated Pest Management:

Description: Beauveria psedubassiana as a bio-agent against insect pests on pepper

Team: Ziad Sader, Karim Assaf

4.      Creamery

Description: ice cream production using whey protein

Team: Angy Meskawi, Aram Khatchadorian

5.      Aquaculture

Description: We aim to test the effect of irrigating with fish water as a replacement for fertilizers usage on 3 different crops: squash, beans, eggplants

Team: Sarah Ziadeh, Hussein Turfah

6.      Poultry Project:

Description: Effect of different bedding materials on broiler production

Team: Ahmad Ghaddar, Hamzah Labadi, Nivine Manasfi


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