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Ardi Ardak and Akleh Food Security Activities During Ramadan

During the holy month of Ramadan, ESDU continues to help vulnerable communities through the Ardi Ardak National Food Security Initiative and the Akleh Community Kitchen. The Initiative will collect donations to purchase food products from local small-scale producers, packed in mouneh boxes. So far, 150 mouneh boxes have been distributed to vulnerable families across Lebanon and elderly people at Dar Al Mousenin in West Bekaa. 

Meanwhile, the Akleh Community Kitchen launched the Akleh Ramadan Initiative to cook and distribute hot meals for those in need since the start of Ramadan. Donations are  used to purchase ingredients for meals from local small-scale producers. Until now, Akleh has cooked and distributed approximately 50 iftars daily across Lebanon. Help Akleh cook and distribute more meals by donating:  23,000 LBP (1 hot meal) and 36,000 LBP (Iftar package: 1 hot meal, soup, salad, dates and jallab).

To donate to Ardi Ardak or Akleh please contact: +961 76 768 952

Learn more about Ardi Ardak and to learn more about Akleh


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