About NFSC


The Nutrition and Food Sciences (NFSC) Department is a leader in nutritional research and education in Lebanon and the region. It combines diversified specialties and encourages research with an emphasis on food consumption practices, nutritional assessment, food safety, quality of traditional foods, diet-related non-communicable diseases, and associated genetic traits underlying nutrition and obesity-related health problems.  The Department has a distinguished and accomplished history in the area of nutrition that began in the establishment of the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences (FAFS) in 1952.


The Department is committed to creative and high quality education, innovative research, and effective outreach programs in nutrition, dietetics and food science. The Department strives to produce skilled graduates poised to assume leadership in professional settings and dedicated to the welfare and advancement of the quality of life of citizens in Lebanon, the Middle East, and the world.


 To be recognized as a center of excellence in teaching, research and outreach in nutrition, dietetics and food science.