American University of Beirut

Service Laboratories

Food Processing:

  •         Steam Blancher
  •         Steam Jacketed kettle
  •         Can Sealer
  •         Exhauster
  •         Retort
  •         Laboratory Pasteurizer
  •         Cheese Press
  •         Spray Dryer
  •         Cabinet Dryer
  •         Pulp Finisher
  •         Arabic Oven + Dough Mixer + Dough Sheeter

Quality control:

  •         Lacticheck
  •         Texture analyzer
  •         Farinograph
  •         Rancimat
  •         Refractometer
  •         pH meter
  •         Water activity meter
  •         Ebulliometer
  •         Titrimetric Acidity
  •         Hydrometer
  •         Viscometer

Chemical/Microbiology Tests:

  •         Protein
  •         Fat
  •         Moisture
  •         Ash
  •         Peroxide Value (oxidation)
  •         Chemical analysis for blood (Vitros machine)
  •         Calories measurement (calorimeter)
  •         Microbiological tests:
        •   Total Aerobic Count
        •    Yeasts and Molds
        •    Coliforms
        •    Fecal coliforms
        •    Staphylococcus aureus
        •    Salmonella
        •    Listeria monocytogenes
        •    Water testing
        •    Clostridium perfringens

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