GI Bill: Eligibility and Application

  • You must be accepted or enrolled in an AUB undergraduate or graduate degree program to apply for GI Bill benefits and you should confirm your enrollment (through the payment of confirmation fees as required by admissions at AUB).  
  • Visiting students may be eligible if their home school certifies that the AUB courses/credits will be counted towards the students' degree at their home school and provided AUB has a degree program similar to the one they are pursuing at their home school.

 Students not working for a degree are not eligible for GI Bill benefits.


  1. The first step is to apply for GI Bill benefits online at the VA website.  After you apply the VA issues your certificate of eligibility which determines the rate and period of your benefits coverage.  
  2.  Send a copy of your VA Certificate of Eligibility to the FAO-ISA unit
  3. If newly accepted to AUB send a copy of the email or letter of acceptance showing the program that you are admitted to.
  4.  If you are a visiting student, a letter/email from your home school is required, certifying your enrolment in an undergraduate or graduate degree program and confirming that courses/credits taken at AUB will be counted towards your degree at your home school. The letter should also state the name and level of your degree program.
  5. Complete and submit online a Request for Certification of GI Bill Benefits.  You need to submit this form each term.