GI Bill (American Veterans)
​​Veterans and active duty personnel can qualify for GI Bill benefits. The GI Bill includes several Veteran Affairs (VA) administered education programs. You need to determine which program(s) you may qualify for and which best fits your needs on the following link:​​​​​​


  • You must be applying for or enrolled in an AUB undergraduate or graduate degree program to apply for GI Bill benefits.
  • Visiting students may be eiligible if their home school certifies that the AUB courses/credits will be counted towards the students' degree at their home school and provided AUB has a degree program similar to the one they are pursuing at their home school.
      Students not working for a degree are not eligible for GI Bill benefits.​​​

How does AUB process GI Bill benefits for tuition and fees?

The process involves the following:

  • To be eligible you must be accepted to a program of study leading to a degree and had confirmed enrollment (through the payment of confirmation fees as required by admissions at AUB).
  • The financial aid office sends to the VA a request for approval of that program for you. If however you are admitted to a program that has been previously approved then this step is skipped. Please see below the programs that were previously approved by the VA.
  • If you are a visiting student, your home school degree program should have an equivalent program at AUB.  If such a program is not already approved for AUB by the VA then the financial aid office​ has to send a request for approval for that program.
  • Upon receipt of VA’s approval of the program, your benefits are certified online by the financial aid office staff providing details about your enrollment per semester.​​​